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Acrylic has a range of applications in the toy industry. Acrylic Toy Displays provide a modern and elegant way to showcase toys in toy shops, exhibitions, and events. Acrylic Toy Boxes offer a practical and visually appealing solution for storage and display of toys.

Acrylic Doll Stands and Racks provide a durable and customizable solution for displaying dolls and accessories. With its durability, transparency, and modern design, Acrylic is an ideal choice for enhancing the presentation of toys and dolls.

Choose Acrylic to impress your customers and create a memorable experience that showcases your toy products.

Fulfill Your Next Display Project With Top Quality Acrylic Products

Our Acrylic Toy Display provides a modern and elegant solution for showcasing toys in toy shops, exhibitions, and events. The transparent acrylic material provides a clear view of the toys, enhancing their visual appeal to customers.

Our displays come in various options, including stands, boxes, and racks, to fit any store or event layout. We can also customize the displays with your branding or messaging, helping you promote your brand effectively. With its durability, transparency, and modern design, our Acrylic Toy Displays are perfect for use in toy shops, exhibitions, and events.

Choose our displays to create an impressive and functional presentation that showcases your toy products and enhances the customer experience.

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HileDisplay - Your Ideal Custom Acrylic Display Products Manufacturer

Shenzhen HileDisplay Co., Ltd offers a cost-effective means of displaying your products. Our one-stop service meets a wide variety of needs, thanks to our combination of expertise, experience, and advanced technologies.

As an expert acrylic display rack manufacturer in China, we use top-quality raw materials to make outstanding acrylic displays of various shapes, sizes, and colors. Our mass production strength allows the production of strong and unique acrylic products. We remain committed to the design, research, manufacture, and marketing of acrylic products.

Our Experience
in Numbers

20+ Years of Experience

Established in 1996, we boast over 20 years of manufacturing with quality processing technology and experienced professionals.

1200+ Happy Clients

Worked with several clients in multiple industries worldwide, ranging from the hospitality industry to the foodservice industry, technology & media industry, and many more.

1M+ Parts Produced

HileDisplay has produced millions of parts, including acrylic displays, acrylic furniture, gifts, hotel, and office supplies, laser prints, and others.

25 Countries Shipped

We have worked with several clients, reaching America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and other markets worldwide.

Reliable Acrylic Products Manufacturing Services

There are several high-quality acrylic product manufacturing and finishing services to enjoy from HileDisplay.


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The acrylic jewelry display was well received and appreciated. They are just perfect, and I sure will order more soon!

Over the years, I have found HileDisplay to be professional and friendly in dealing with customers. So far, I don’t regret being partners with Hile, and my company will order more.

Got some acrylic cosmetic office supplies for my customers, and they liked it! Thank you so much for providing excellent products and great services. I will surely be back to work with your factory.

My business returns just went through the roof because HileDisplay delivers my orders within a very short time. The pricing is also affordable. Getting to know this company has been the best for me.

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